Practice Areas


At Joel E. Greenberg, P.A., we specialize in a wide variety of case types which include but are not limited to:

service-icon Family Law
service-icon Divorce
service-icon Child Support
service-icon Child Custody
service-icon Alimony
service-icon Modification
service-icon Estate Planning
service-icon Breach Of Contract

Family Law

Changes in your family structure pose many challenges. Whether you are pursuing adoption, experiencing marital conflict, or facing another issue close to home, you need a family law attorney who can help you find solutions for your legal problems. Joel E. Greenberg will answer all of your questions and guide you through your family law matter.


Choosing to dissolve your marriage can be stressful and overwhelming. There are many decisions you have to make, such as spousal support, and the division of your assets and liabilities. During your divorce, you need an experienced attorney to advocate for the best interests of you and your family. We are dedicated to helping you through the divorce process.

Child Support

When parents go through a divorce, they have to decide how to best support their children. Joel E. Greenberg’s foremost goal is to protect your children’s right to financial security.

Child Custody/Timesharing

When you are going through a divorce, the well-being of your children is always a top priority. Joel E. Greenberg has significant experience in all aspects of the law relating to timesharing between parents. He is dedicated to protecting your right to raise your child in a healthy environment.


Divorce agreements and orders are based on the financial circumstances of everyone involved. Joel E. Greenberg has the experience to help clients negotiate and maintain the most favorable alimony agreements possible.


As life goes on, your financial and personal situations may change. We are experienced in helping you modify timesharing, child custody, visitation and alimony agreements to suit the best interests of you and your family.

Estate Planning

A comprehensive estate plan is crucial to guaranteeing your family’s intergenerational prosperity. It doesn’t just include wills and trusts—estate planning also encompasses powers of attorney, healthcare surrogates and more. Joel E. Greenberg has the legal know-how to help you plan your estate exactly as you wish.

Contracts / Breach of Contract

Our wide range of experience includes many years working in contract law. Whether you need to outline and create a contract between yourself and another party or negotiate the apparent breach of an existing contract, Joel E. Greenberg is here to help.